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  • In one convenient box, you get six items that will get rid of pet stains and odors.
  • Find it - Treat it with a spray bottle with optional injector cap and LED lite. The lite helps you find spots whether on carpets, toilets or anywhere.
  • Set this fogger off in a room and eliminate odors.
  • Pet Hair Lifter dry cleaning sponge. Lifts pet hair off furniture and clothing but also can be used to clean places like wallpaper, computer screens, etc....
  • This wood floor cleaner is a concentrate. It will make up to 16 32oz spray bottles and clean all sealed floors. Also comes with a spray bottle.
  • Three of the Zorb It-Up sheets comes with this kit. Has the absorbent side and has a leak proof back to keep your hands from touching the mess.

Pet Survivor Cleaning Kit

$77.82 $49.99
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Product Description

The Nybakke Pet Survival Kit includes everything you need to handle the carpet, furniture and hard floor cleaning pet owners face. Nybakke has listened to the problems pet owners face and now in one convenient box is the best in removing pet stains and their odors in both carpets and furniture but also on hard floors and a Pet Hair Lifter to get the hair off the couch easily.

First this kit comes with:

Urine Off Find It-Treat It Kit

* Find & Treat Invisible Odor Sources
* Eliminates Even Old Stains & Odors
* Removes the Marking Trigger Mechanism
* Essential for House Training
* Safe on All Surfaces
* Safe Around Humans & Pets
Not just for pets but for those taking care of the elderly or those with urinary incontinence.

Kit includes: 16.9oz Urine Off w/sprayer

LED Urine Finder Lite

Cap for injecting Urine Off into carpets

Second this kit includes three Zorb It-Up amazing absorbent sheets. Absorbs pet stains or any stain on all surfaces. Leak proof barrier so you don't touch the mess.

Third is a great room deodorizer in a fogger.  Sometimes you may wonder just what your guests did in your lovely room to make it smell like that! The Bio-Pro Research Odor Fogger is a total release fogger that destroys odors on contact. This is not an air-freshener; it neutralizes and eliminates odors in a room up to 20' X 20'. It will not harm bedding, furniture, or electronics in the room. Eliminates odors in: Homes (especially those up for sale), Healthcare Facilities, Utility Rooms, Kitchens, locker rooms, cars, boats, motor homes and more. Great on smoke, pet and most all odors.

Fourth product is our own formula of a wood floor and laminate cleaner. So many times a pet accident happens and people just use water to clean up urine or feces. Water is not a cleaner, it actually spreads the germs over a larger area than the original spot. After absorbing or removing the accident, spray our floor cleaner over the area and clean with an absorbent sheet. Now the area is clean with no sticky residue. A spray bottle is included.

Fifth item is a Pet Hair Lifter by Gonzo has been a favorite for many years. A dry cleaning sponge that can get hair off carpeted and upholstered furniture with ease.

And finally a six pack of the Fresh Wave Pearl Paks. Toss a pack in your vacuum bag or in your bagless dirt chamber and eliminate pet odors that are magnified by your vacuum cleaner. A natural product that is an odor eliminator without perfumes or fragrances. Also can be used to control odors in pet bedding, garbage pails and many small places.

Here is what Rose from Texas says,"I love your pet cleaning products. They work better than any other I have tried. We lived in Bloomington a few years ago and I discovered your products. I have moved two times since, most recently this past two months. I had carried your product with me on both those moves. It lasted that long. I had a pet cleaning "emergency" after I moved into our current house ( almost white carpet) and only had drops of your cleaner left. I am so happy I looked online and found that you sell and deliver it. It arrived in just a few days within placing the order and worked perfectly! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that needs to get tough stains out.

I have told many people about it since I purchased it in Bloomington.
Thanks for such a great product and for selling it online."


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